Our Story

We live in an urban environment and work in a routine job. We wake up to the sound of bird song coming from the speakers on the phone, we get up and switch on led lights to see the sterile white geometry of our homes with polished steel appliances. Our shoes are a layer of rubber and some lightweight synthetic mesh, they will keep us from feeling what it is that we are walking on, not that it is particularly exciting, as it’s mostly either concrete, tiles or the carpet, and not that we will do a lot of walking anyway as the car will take us to wherever we want to go, the navigator will decide on the route and the aircon will provide a stable flow of air with even temperature and strength of our choice.

This is very functional and convenient, but we couldn’t help but feel the fakeness of it all, and in surrounding ourselves with plastic, metals, microchips and home fragrance diffusers we increased the feeling of detachment from the real world.
This is sort of how we came to a desire to be more conscious about the things we surround ourselves with, and to start gradually switching them out for the more meaningful and natural items.

At some point in time, my attention focused on my wrist and the heavy metal band of my watch. I don’t like it. And I don’t like what my friends have been suggesting, which is to replace it with a device that will know everything about you from your location to your heart rate. No, thank you, but no, it’s just a little bit too intrusive and, well, fake.

We started looking at other options to see how we could simplify and get back to a more natural state, wood was the obvious choice. When finely polished, every piece of wood has its own unique lustre. The lines, the curves, the textures combine holistically to keep that sense of connection to the natural world. When done right it can make for a modern, stylish art piece. 
Long lasting and durable, the wood we have selected is finished with oil to protect it from the rigors of everyday use.

The watch face design was inspired by New Zealand. The Koru design used on the watch face symbolises new life and peace. The Tupuna connects you with your ancestry and roots.